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January 26, 2023


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- Watch this person-shaped robot liquify and escape jail, all with the power of magnets
- Supplementation with amino acid serine eases neuropathy in diabetic mice
- Wearable sensor uses ultrasound to provide cardiac imaging on the go
- New geosciences study shows Triassic fossils that reveal origins of living amphibians
- Expert analysis refutes claims that humans are colonized by bacteria before birth
- Scientists discover the evolutionary secret behind different animal life cycles
- Risk of developing heart failure much higher in rural areas vs. urban
- Special vascular cells adjust blood flow in brain capillaries based on local energy needs
- What crocodile DNA reveals about the Ice Age
- Satellite data shows sustained severe drought in Europe
- Gut microbiome and its products promote endometriosis in animal model
- Nanofiber-hydrogel loaded with stem cells shows success treating severe complication of Crohn's disease
- How to apply lessons from Colorado's costliest wildfire to drinking water systems
- Spinning food processing waste into 'gold'
- Artificial photosynthesis uses sunlight to make biodegradable plastic
- Helpful disturbance: How non-linear dynamics can augment edge sensor time series
- Comparing airfares instead of seat size fairer indicator of passenger carbon emissions
- More steps, moderate physical activity cuts dementia, cognitive impairment risk
- Fish sensory organ key to improving navigational skills of underwater robots
- Plasma thrusters used on satellites could be much more powerful
- Head injury is associated with doubled mortality rate long-term, Penn study finds
- Pop-up electrode device could help with 3D mapping of the brain
- Were galaxies much different in the early universe?
- Researchers identify neurons that 'learn' to smell a threat
- Humans can recognize and understand chimpanzee and bonobo gestures, study finds
- Abnormal 12-hour cyclic gene activity found in schizophrenic brains
- It isn't what you know, it's what you think you know
- Biomedical institutions agree on a set of open science practices to monitor
- Actin affects the spread of cancer in several ways
- Recyclable mobile phone batteries a step closer with rust-busting invention
- How regulatory T cells halt aberrant, self-reactive T cells
- Mimicking an enigmatic property of circadian rhythms through an artificial chemical clock
- New DNA biosensor could unlock powerful, low-cost clinical diagnostics
- Color images from the shadow of a sample
- Novel microneedle bandage could save lives by stopping blood loss from wounds
- Potential hidden cause of dementia detected
- 'Friend or foe' bacteria kill their algal hosts when coexisting is no longer beneficial
- Study offers first glimpse of how many suffer from previously unknown illness
- A butterfly flaps its wings and scientists make jewelry
- Economics trump environment to save big cats, say ecologists
- Power of cancer drugs may see boost by targeting newly ID'd pathway
- Residential green space is associated with higher birth weight
- Traffic pollution impairs brain function
- Altered speech may be the first sign of Parkinson's disease
- Reducing steel corrosion vital to combating climate change
- Camera-trap study provides photographic evidence of pumas' ecological impact
- How cells prevent harmful extra DNA copies
- When chronic stress activates these neurons, behavioral problems like loss of pleasure, depression result
- How plants are inspiring new ways to extract value from wastewater
- Spin transport measured through molecular films now long enough to develop spintronic devices
- No 'second law of entanglement' after all
- Botany: Chloroplast from the father
- Genome editing procedures optimized
- Co-creating health for humanity: New trends in pharmaceutical interorganizational deals
- Researchers circumvent radiation resistance in subtype of brain tumors
- New mosquito repellents that work better than DEET
- Scientists unveil least costly carbon capture system to date
- Neuronal molecule makes prostate cancer more aggressive
- Immense diversity and interdependence in high temp deep-sea microorganism communities
- Global study of hypoxia in rivers shows it is more prevalent than previously thought

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