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December 17, 2017


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- Graphene in zero G promises success in space
- Study prompts new ideas on cancers’ origins
- Nanostructures control heat transfer
- Screening could catch a quarter of hip fractures before they happen
- Easier paths to quantum-based techology
- Drinking hot tea every day linked to lower glaucoma risk
- A new theory to describe widely used material
- Discovery could reduce cost, energy for high-speed Internet connections
- Artificial intelligence used to identify bacteria quickly and accurately
- Nanodiscs catch misfolding proteins red-handed
- Complex, old-growth forests may protect some bird species in a warming climate
- What does hair loss have to teach us about cancer metastasis?
- Genetic instructions from mom set the pattern for embryonic development
- Our memory shifts into high gear when we think about raising our children, new study shows
- After searching 12 years for bipolar disorder's cause, research team concludes it has many
- How much soil goes down the drain: New data on soil lost due to water
- Heavy-petroleum fuels raising vanadium emissions
- Erectile dysfunction is red flag for silent early cardiovascular disease
- Error-free into the quantum computer age
- 3-D nanoscale imaging made possible
- Distinct human mutations can alter the effect of medicine
- Real-time observation of collective quantum modes
- Vitamin deficiency in later life
- Genetic study uncovers fungal sex secrets, which shed light on candidiasis
- Shoe-box-sized chemical detector
- Exposure to larger air particles linked to increased risk of asthma in children
- Martti, developed for adverse weather conditions, is the first Finnish robot car to challenge snow and ice
- Committed to relatives: Hounds and wolves share their parasites
- More electronic materials opened up with new metal-organic framework
- The locomotion of hominins in the Pleistocene was just as efficient as that of current humans
- Potato blight’s chemical attack mechanism explained
- Ancient feces reveal parasites described in earliest Greek medical texts
- Cancer immunotherapy may work better in patients with specific genes
- Offbeat brainwaves during sleep make older adults forget
- Unusual thermal convection in a well-mixed fluid: Can a syrup separate when mixed?
- Coarse particulate matter may increase asthma risk
- Indonesian island found to be unusually rich in cave paintings
- Complete design of a silicon quantum computer chip unveiled
- Nanoparticles as a solution against antibiotic resistance?
- Second chance for rejected antibiotic candidate
- Higher blood sugar in early pregnancy raises baby's heart-defect risk
- New technique could make captured carbon more valuable
- Floating solar fuels rig created for seawater electrolysis
- Superradiance of an ensemble of nuclei excited by a free electron laser
- New catalyst meets challenge of cleaning exhaust from modern engines
- Visitor patterns and emerging activities in Finish national parks revealed by social media posts
- First-of-its-kind chemical oscillator offers new level of molecular control
- Graspable objects grab attention more than images of objects do, study finds
- Horrific mating strategy appears to benefit both male and female redback spiders
- Computational strategies overcome obstacles in peptide therapeutics development
- Better way to weigh millions of solitary stars
- Suicidal thoughts rapidly reduced with ketamine, finds study
- Simulation model finds Cure Violence program and targeted policing curb urban violence
- Six-decade-old space mystery solved with shoebox-sized satellite called a CubeSat
- MRSA risk at northeast Ohio beaches
- Valley fever cases see major spike in November, experts say
- Food-induced anaphylaxis common among children despite adult supervision
- Northeast farmers weigh warming climate, drenched fields
- Computer systems predict objects' responses to physical forces
- Conserving the forests

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