If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world. -- J.R.R. Tolkien
May 25, 2018


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- The secret to honing kids' language and literacy
- When the dinosaurs died, so did forests -- and tree-dwelling birds
- Reconstructing Zika's spread
- Imminent extinction of northern white rhinoceros motivates genetic recovery efforts
- Tick bite protection: New CDC study adds to the promise of permethrin-treated clothing
- Molecular network boosts drug resistance and virulence in hospital-acquired bacterium
- Gut microbiome can control antitumor immune function in liver
- Ingestible 'bacteria on a chip' could help diagnose disease
- Scientists can predict which storks will migrate to Africa in autumn and which will remain in Europe
- New theory finds 'traffic jams' in jet stream cause abnormal weather patterns
- Mongooses inherit behavior from role models rather than parents
- Opportunity to restore abundance to Hawaiian reef fisheries
- Using Facebook to help young adults quit smoking
- Cancer cells co-opt pain-sensing 'wasabi receptor' to survive oxidative stress
- Solar energy: Mixed anion compounds with 'fluorine' works as new photocatalytic material
- Past use of disinfectants and PPE for Ebola could inform future outbreaks
- Plant symbioses -- fragile partnerships
- Bold lizards of all sizes have higher mating success
- Hey Alexa: Amazon's virtual assistant becomes a personal assistant to software developers
- 400-million-year-old evolutionary arms race helps researchers understand HIV
- Some desert creatures may be able to cope with climate change better than expected
- Programming synthetic molecular codes to turn genes 'on'
- Why we won't get to Mars without teamwork
- Cold production of new seafloor
- Bursts of brain activity linked to memory reactivation
- You are what your mother eats
- Giant clams tell the story of past typhoons
- Depression speeds up brain aging, find psychologists
- Each hour of delay in detecting abnormal lactates in patients with sepsis increases the odds of in-hospital death
- 'Virtual safe space' to help bumblebees
- Cheap, small carbon nanotubes
- A promising target in the quest for a 1-million-year-old Antarctic ice core
- To manage weight, it may matter when protein supplements are consumed
- Cheeseburger or salad? How music volume impacts your decision
- Microplastics may be abundant in the surface sediments of Baynes Sound and Lambert Channel
- Applying machine learning tools to earthquake data offers new insights
- In the beginning was the phase separation
- Early-life obesity impacts children's learning and memory, study suggests
- Rehabilitating lactate: From poison to cure
- 'Uniquely human' muscles have been discovered in apes
- Streams may emit more carbon dioxide in a warmer climate
- Fleet of autonomous boats could service cities to reduce road traffic
- Whey protein supplements and exercise help women improve body composition
- Painless real-time proteomics may one day speed up cancer surgery
- Strenuous exercise in adolescence may ward off height loss later in life
- Air pollution associated with acute respiratory distress hospitalization of elderly
- Do childhood development programs help children living in conflict and crisis settings?
- A first look at the earliest decisions that shape a human embryo
- How a cell knows when to divide
- Controlled nano-assembly
- Making massive leaps in electronics at nano-scale
- Chimpanzee calls differ according to context
- Genetic diversity helps protect against disease
- Understanding light-induced electrical current in atomically thin nanomaterials
- People with family history of alcoholism release more dopamine in expectation of alcohol
- Complementing conventional antibiotics
- Preserving a painter's legacy with nanomaterials
- Abdominal fat secretes novel adipokine promoting insulin resistance and inflammation
- Helping dental retainers and aligners fight off bacteria
- Determining effective methods of irrigation as water becomes increasingly scarce

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