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November 28, 2023


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- Macaque trials offer hope in pneumonia vaccine development
- Kids who feel their parents are less reliable take fewer risks vital to learning and growth
- Discrimination during pregnancy can affect infant's brain circuitry
- Stronger thigh muscles may prevent knee replacement surgery
- Defending your voice against deepfakes
- New framework for using AI in health care considers medical knowledge, practices, procedures, values
- Spike in premature births caused by COVID, halted by vaccines, study finds
- Researchers find neurons work as a team to process social interactions
- Child care centers aren't a likely source of COVID-19 spread, study says
- Giant sea salt aerosols play major role in Hawai'i's coastal clouds, rain
- Recycled phosphorus fertilizer reduces nutrient leaching, maintains yield
- Measuring long-term heart stress dynamics with smartwatch data
- Scientists find both potential threats and promising resources in the thriving colonies of bacteria and fungi on ocean plastic trash
- Promising salt for heat storage
- Mixing heat with hair styling products may be bad for your health
- Immersive engagement in mixed reality can be measured with reaction time
- Testosterone hormone therapy for transmasculine individuals is safer than previously thought, researchers find
- CRISPR-powered 'cancer shredding' technique opens new possibility for treating most common and deadly brain cancer
- Future floods: Global warming intensifies heavy rain -- even more than expected
- Honeybee cluster -- not insulation but stressful heat sink
- AI may spare breast cancer patients unnecessary treatments
- Early-stage stem cell therapy trial shows promise for treating progressive MS
- Sensitive ecosystems at risk from mine waste
- Genes influence whether infants prefer to look at faces or non-social objects
- Deoxygenation levels similar to today's played a major role in marine extinctions during major past climate change event
- Innovative design achieves tenfold better resolution for functional MRI brain imaging
- New method verifies carbon capture in concrete
- Was 'witchcraft' in the Devil's Church in Koli based on acoustic resonance? The crevice cave has a unique soundscape
- Extra practice blending letter sounds helps struggling readers
- How heat can be used in computing
- New way of searching for dark matter
- Scientists devise new technique that can pinpoint the causes and treatments of autoimmune diseases
- Alien haze, cooked in a lab, clears view to distant water worlds
- Fish IgM structure sheds light on antibody evolution
- Vampire bats make northward flight seeking stable climates
- New method uses crowdsourced feedback to help train robots
- New platform solves key problems in targeted drug delivery
- Stem cell-based treatment controls blood sugar in people with Type 1 diabetes
- Wave devouring propulsion: A revolutionary green technology for maritime sustainability
- The Fens of eastern England once held vast woodlands
- Decoding cell fate: Key mechanism in stem cell switch identified
- Separating out signals recorded at the seafloor
- 'Dolomite Problem': 200-year-old geology mystery resolved
- How shipwrecks are providing a refuge for marine life
- A fifth higher: Tropical cyclones substantially raise the Social Cost of Carbon
- AI recognizes the tempo and stages of embryonic development
- Study provides fresh insights into antibiotic resistance, fitness landscapes
- 'Strange metal' is strangely quiet in noise experiment
- Particulate pollution from coal associated with double the risk of mortality than PM2.5 from other sources
- Telescope Array detects second highest-energy cosmic ray ever
- New clues into the head-scratching mystery of itch
- Lowering a form of brain cholesterol reduces Alzheimer's-like damage in mice
- Revolutionary breakthrough in the manufacture of photovoltaic cells
- Chemists use oxygen, copper 'scissors' to make cheaper drug treatments possible
- Predicting the fate of shallow coastal ecosystems for the year 2100
- Casas del Turuñuelo, a site of repeated animal sacrifice in Iron Age Spain
- Earliest known European common hippopotamus fossil reveals their Middle Pleistocene dispersal
- New tool to enable exploration of human-environment interactions
- Researchers develop new method for prenatal genetic testing
- Drones enabled the use of defibrillators before ambulance arrival

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