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If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world. -- J.R.R. Tolkien
May 28, 2023


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- Global flash droughts expected to increase in a warming climate
- Bird brains can flick switch to perceive Earth's magnetic field
- Absolute vs. relative efficiency: How efficient are blue LEDs, actually?
- Emergence of solvated dielectrons observed for the first time
- Protein-based nano-'computer' evolves in ability to influence cell behavior
- Robots and Rights: Confucianism Offers Alternative
- Research offers clues for potential widespread HIV cure in people
- Astronomers discover a key planetary system to understand the formation mechanism of the mysterious 'super-Earths'
- Induction of a torpor-like state with ultrasound
- Team develops new 'attacker' device to improve autonomous car safety
- Living in an almshouse boosts life expectancy
- Making the structure of 'fire ice' with nanoparticles
- Scientists target human stomach cells for diabetes therapy
- Researchers weave deeper understanding of diverse ancestry and gene expression
- Experimental drug inhibits or prevents diabetic eye disease
- Cancers in distant organs alter liver function
- Researchers identify potential new treatment for those who act out their dreams while sleeping
- Words matter: How researchers can avoid stigmatizing language
- Arctic ground squirrels changing hibernation patterns
- River erosion can shape fish evolution
- How sweet it is: The fruit fly gut influences reproduction by 'tasting' fructose
- Researchers successfully induce primate oocytes in the lab
- Keeping time: Understanding the master clock in the brain
- New study provides novel insights into the cosmic evolution of amino acids
- Helium nuclei research advances our understanding of cosmic ray origin and propagation
- Gene editing tool could help reduce spread of antimicrobial resistance
- 'Jumping genes' found to alter human colon genomes, offering insights into aging and tumorigenesis?
- Twisting under the stroboscope -- Controlling crystal lattices of hybrid solar cell materials with terahertz light
- The white matter of the MS brain shows abnormalities even before inflammation
- Stretchable knee wearable offers insight into improving e-textiles for healthcare
- Snapshots of photoinjection
- Keeping time with an atomic nucleus
- Tens of thousands of lives a year could be saved by new treatment protocol for brain hemorrhage
- Afternoon exercise linked with greater improvements in blood sugar levels for patients with type 2 diabetes
- Your thoughts can harm your neck and back during lifting tasks
- Saving our soil: How to extend US breadbasket fertility for centuries
- Quantum scientists accurately measure power levels one trillion times lower than usual
- Weevils, long-nosed beetles, are unsung heroes of pollination
- The metaverse can lead to better science
- Iron-rich rocks unlock new insights into Earth's planetary history
- Running throughout middle age keeps 'old' adult-born neurons 'wired'
- Scientists propose revolution in complex systems modelling with quantum technologies
- Study finds brain connectivity, memory improves in older adults after walking
- Deep sea surveys detect over five thousand new species in future mining hotspot
- Deadly virus structures point toward new avenues for vaccine design
- Most effective ways of foraging can attract predators
- Propellers are louder over ground
- How tasty is the food?
- People who live to be 90+ with superior thinking skills are resilient to Alzheimer's pathology in their brains
- Epigenetic landscape modulates pioneer transcription factor binding
- A student's poor eating habits can lead to a lifetime of illness
- Researchers map the brain during blood sugar changes
- Vitamin D alters developing neurons in the brain's dopamine circuit
- The Mediterranean Diet: Good for your health and your hip pocket
- Failed antibiotic now a game changing weed killer for farmers
- Growing blood stem cells in the lab to save lives
- Global macrogenetic map of marine habitat-forming species
- Engineers harvest abundant clean energy from thin air, 24/7
- Researchers comprehensively assess the safety of using your head in youth soccer
- Medical 'microrobots' could one day treat bladder disease, other human illnesses

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