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If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world. -- J.R.R. Tolkien
June 15, 2024


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- Gonadal function in male mice disrupted by prenatal risk factors
- Scientists solve decades long mystery of NLRC5 sensor function in cell death
- Quantum entanglement measures Earth rotation
- Researchers use large language models to help robots navigate
- Is magnesium the sleeping potion that enables sandhoppers to survive cold winters?
- New metric for blood circulation in brain to better understand dementia
- New approach to identifying altermagnetic materials
- A liquid crystal source of photon pairs
- A new weapon in the battle against antibiotic resistance: Temperature
- Vitamin B6: New compound delays degradation
- Strengthener for graphene
- The genetic 'switches' of bone growth
- Early Homo sapiens facilitated the establishment of the Bonelli's eagle in the Mediterranean 50,000 years ago
- Self-assembling and disassembling swarm molecular robots via DNA molecular controller
- Ultrasensitive liquid biopsy tech spots cancer earlier than standard methods
- Successful trial for new colorectal cancer treatment
- Study on architecture of heart offers new understanding of human evolution
- Tiny New Zealand bird delivers a lesson in birdsong evolution
- Concrete-nitrogen mix may provide major health and environment benefits
- New approach against fatty liver
- New and crucial role discovered for a protein in the body's immunity against cancer
- Synthetic data holds the key to determining best statewide transit investments
- Fasting primes the immune system's natural killer cells to better fight cancer, new study in mice finds
- Sharks have depleted functional diversity compared to the last 66 million years
- Infectious H5N1 influenza virus in raw milk rapidly declines with heat treatment
- Novel insights into fluorescent 'dark states' illuminate ways forward for improved imaging
- Global trial confirms benefit of antacids on bleeding prevention for ventilated patients
- Low-sodium alternatives can lead to major health gains in Indonesia
- AI can help doctors make better decisions and save lives
- Does exercise in greenspace boost the individual health benefits of each?
- New insights into the brain regions involved in paranoia
- Sweaty cattle may boost food security in a warming world
- Making ferromagnets ready for ultra-fast communication and computation technology
- Lab achieves major gains in perovskite solar cell stability
- New fabric makes urban heat islands more bearable
- A conservation market could incentivize global ocean protection
- Can engineered plants help make baby formula as nutritious as breast milk?
- Pair plasmas found in deep space can now be generated in the lab
- Scientists preserve DNA in an amber-like polymer
- Are mixed emotions real? New research says yes
- The rotation of Earth's inner core has slowed, new study confirms
- New dart launcher may be better way to inject animals with drugs
- Only one in 20 therapies tested in animals reach approval for human use
- Technologies enable 3D imaging of whole human brain hemispheres at subcellular resolution
- Modifying genomes of tardigrades to unravel their secrets
- The yuck factor counteracts sustainable laundry habits
- The scary, yet promising world of phages, the pathogen's pathogen
- Clinical decision support software can prevent 95% of medication errors in the operating room, study shows
- Being given a choice makes touch more pleasant, study finds
- Paleontology: New fossil fish genus discovered
- New technique improves AI ability to map 3D space with 2D cameras
- Studies uncover the critical role of sleep in the formation of memories
- Short-term loneliness associated with physical health problems
- Pediatric brain tumors rely on different metabolic 'route' to fuel treatment resistance
- Video analysis of Iceland 2010 eruption could improve volcanic ash forecasts for aviation safety
- Neural balance in the brain is associated with brain maturity and better cognitive ability
- Parliamentary members use simpler language on hot days
- Study hints at tools to prevent diabetes caused by psychiatric meds
- Outdoor recreation noise affects wildlife behavior and habitat use, study finds
- Confronting trauma alleviates chronic pain among older veterans

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